The Lighthouse (Faros) of Polyegos

We organized for you a fascinating cruise in beautiful Polyegos, the largest uninhabited island of Cyclades – a group of Greek islands forming a circle- which is surrounded by crystal turquoise waters and golden sandy beaches.

Our trip begins by passing near the isolated Glaronisia. These islets were formed by volcanic lava which instantly froze and created these formations. Their unique beauty can’t be described in words but only by seeing it closely with your own eyes. It’s an amazing sight that you can only enjoy by boat.

Our tour continues by sailing towards Punda beach, where we make our first stop for a dive into the crystal clear waters. We then move on to Galazia Nera, a beach whose name literally translates to “Blue Water”. Its rare color in combination with the total tranquility and beauty of the environment will not only cause thrilling emotions to you, but you will definitely never be jealous of movie characters in movies featuring exotic islands.

Our final destination is the picturesque Faros bay. The Lighthouse (Faros) of Polyegos stands tall and proud at the top of the hill and the crystal clear waters below end up in a wonderful sandy beach. While enjoying the comfort of our luxury yacht, you will admire the magical landscape, swim and explore the seabed with the characteristic big white pebbles. While staying at Faros bay, we will probably have the pleasure of seeing the wild goats of Polyegos. They usually visit the little lake in order to cool off and quench their thirst.

Polyegos is considered to be an authentic natural reserve and it has been included in the Natura 2000 network. The island’s name derives from the numerous goats (aiges) that aren’t the only “inhabitants” of the island, as from time to time the beloved seals Monachus - Monachus visit the island as well, in order to give birth to their little ones.