The enchanting Kleftiko!

The most memorable day of your summer vacation in Milos begins! Kleftiko is the main landmark of the island and one of its most photographed destinations. Everybody knows that you “must” visit it! The name “Kleftiko” was not given by accident, as the caves which are shaped on the rocks, used to be the Pirates’ hiding place.

Our cruise begins from the port of Adamas, heading to Klima, the most beautiful small fishing village with its colorful little houses. Undoubtedly, Klima is one of the most picturesque places of Milos. A bit further away we reach the popular Arkoudes (which means bears in Greek), a complex of rocky islets that stand in the middle of the sea like sculptures in the shape of bears. These rocks are the result of a natural geological phenomenon.

After the necessary photographs, we head straight to Kalogries bay, for our first short stop, and dive into the seductively crystal clear waters. The peacefulness and the tranquility of the amazing scenery will thrill you. Then we can move on and visit Sykia sea cave, a location of unique natural beauty. The sea cave’s roof has collapsed and as a result, the rays of the sun that penetrate the cave create amazing hues.

Later on, we reach our main destination, the enchanting Kleftiko where the volcanic white rocks standing in the turquoise waters will take your breath away. Here we will spend the most time of our tour, so that you can enjoy swimming while exploring the stunning caves, or you can sunbathe on our yacht while enjoying refreshing drinks.

Following those magnificent experiences, we begin our return journey. Alternatively, we can arrange to extend your cruise and visit Gerakas beach, which is only  accessible by sea, or even the Sulphur Mines (Thiorichia) and the impressive Papafraga beach.