Come aboard and let your eyes enjoy the big blue sea of Milos, enjoying the luxury and comfort that you deserve.

Our standard amenities include, among others, cold water, refreshments and traditional local snacks. Moreover, a guided tour is offered during our cruise, so that you won’t miss a thing, not even a small detail from the magnificent locations that we will visit.

Standard boat amenities

  • Radio/CD/mp3 player
  • Free wi-fi access (when it is provided by the mobile network)
  • Shaded outdoor lounge
  • WC/Shower
  • Masks and flippers for snorkeling
  • Water/ Refreshments
  • Coffee/ Tea
  • Concentrated juices
  • Beers/ White wine
  • Traditional snacks
  • Fresh fruits
  • Insurance

Following consultation, we can make your every wish come true as our goal is to offer you an extraordinary day trip. If you wish to dine at a location while enjoying the excellent local cuisine, accompanied by a fine wine, or even if you wish to organize a surprise for your loved one during our cruise, let us know and we will make your wish come true!

Extra boat amenities

  • Meal of your preference
  • Selection of fine wines
  • Local traditional sweets
  • Transportation to and from your hotel